I do photography sometimes

Tuesday, December 8, 2020.

Went out to get food, I stood there in the queue and noticed a lady looking at me in intervals. I felt exposed, the fraud that I am. I got to the checkout counter and was standing beside me, maybe she wanted me to say “Hi” or do something, but I couldn’t.

Was she beautiful? Oh yes, Was I shy? Maybe, did I say anything? No, Why didn’t I? No fucking idea.

Twenty-six hours later, I’m right here on my bed, drinking wine, alone and typing this, pondering on all my misses and how this incident could be one of them. I should have said “Hi”, I don’t know why I didn’t or even why I should, but I really should have said “Hi”.

Written while listening to October, December by Eilish Gilligan

The Nothing 👁️⃤