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Tuesday, December 8, 2020.

Went out to get food, I stood there in the queue and noticed a lady looking at me in intervals. I felt exposed, the fraud that I am. I got to the checkout counter and was standing beside me, maybe she wanted me to say “Hi” or do something, but I couldn’t.

Was she beautiful? Oh yes, Was I shy? Maybe, did I say anything? No, Why didn’t I? No fucking idea.

Twenty-six hours later, I’m right here on my bed, drinking wine, alone and typing this, pondering on all my misses and how this incident could be one of them. I should have said “Hi”, I don’t know why I didn’t or even why I should, but I really should have said “Hi”.

Written while listening to October, December by Eilish Gilligan

The Nothing 👁️⃤

Life is weird, the higher you go, the bigger the problems.

Let me break this down:

A homeless man’s saving grace could be $5 to enable him get some food so he could live for that day. If he some how overcomes his homelessness he will have a new set of problems.

Let’s say he got a job and moved into a nice apartment, the bills comes in, he needs to pay this and that and probably needs to settle some extended family monetary issue. …

Eye of Providence

I don’t want to love, I don’t want to be loved

I want to be a machine

I don’t want to cry, I don’t want to be cried for

I want to be a machine

I don’t want to feel, I don’t want to be felt

I want to be a machine

I want to know and not be known

I want to be a machine

The more I know the more I resent

I just want to be the machine

At StartZone Gbagada for NodeConf 2018

Few days to the end of 2018, so much learned, so much to learn, friends made and more friends to be made. This year challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally. I had a couple of mental breakdowns, overwhelmed with Imposer syndrome but all in all I am happy I made it through.

January — March

Truly Yours

Loved indeed

Greatly missed

In the echo chamber

Your mental echo chamber

Are you mad?

No, you’re not

You’re sane

Saner than the rest

But insane to them

Your Pounding heart

Speeds up as you move further

Only to discover

Everyone is fine but no one is happy

Yes it’s true, yes I said it

Yours truly

The Nothing

Seeing someone you love drift away

Further away, day by day

You feel the pain and shed your silent tears

Hide in Joy

Hide in Anger

Hide in Pleasure

Hide in fulfilment

Hide in pride

Until you’re left dancing with ghosts to the tune of the never-ending party in your head


  • A C++ Compiler installed on your Machine
  • Basic Understanding of C++
  • An IDE or Text Editor
  • Time
  • Open mind


Object-oriented programming is a paradigm in programming that represents real-life objects or entities in code. For starters, there are two basic but vital concepts you have to understand in OOP namely Classes and Objects.

What is a Class?

A class is a blueprint that specifies the attributes and behavior of an Object. Let’s assume we are to create a new class human, we can specify some attributes that are specific to human beings.

In the snippet above we created a class with attributes nameand…

Hello Again,

Most Developers have issues hosting their apps while its being built for testing purposes, so this article would guide you on how to host your NodeJS App on Zeit and use a remote database powered by mlab, so lets get started.

We would be using mlab as our remote database provider, I’d be guiding you on how to set up a mlab account.

To create a new account and set up a database, you will need to go here. I’ve provided the images below as a reference guide on setting up your database.

This was a bit hard to get at first

Hello There,

Lets talk about Routes. A Route is simply an entry point into your Application. Routes are very common, example of a route is http://apple.com/mac.

In my Previous Article we got to know how to set up our ExpressJS Application with a Structure which is good, but if you’re used to PHP Frameworks, for example Laravel, you would know that web routes are handled in a single file.

But in ExpressJS its a bit Different, so let’s flash Back to the Structure we currently have

Michael Okoh | Trojan

The Nothing ▲ - https://okoh.co.uk

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